CBD is a hot topic and one that is sweeping across the UK. Consumers across the UK are spending big on CBD. The Brightfield Group, a firm based out of Chicago, predicts that the market will grow by 400% between now and 2023. This is excellent news for the current European CBD market valued at $318 million as of 2018.

Brightfield Managing Director, Bethany Gomez, "CBD is just starting to take hold in Europe, with both product availability and consumer awareness still quite limited. This is a great opportunity for developed brands to enter and expand through Europe with far less competition than we're seeing in the U.S. With the Novel Foods Act, it is a challenging legal environment to operate in, but impending regulatory changes are likely to smooth the way for significant mid-term growth,"

When it comes to the products that are driving this market, there are many of them. There are CBD Vape & E liquids, CBD isolate, CBD for pets, CBD extracts, CBD oral oils, CBD edibles, CBD herbs, Vape CBD additives, CBD lotions, and more. Let's look at some of the popular brands of CBD in the UK and see what's helping to drive the success behind CBD vape, CBD e- liquid, and other CBD infused products.

Some Popular CBD Products in the UK

Since the UK is the most popular spot for CBD infused products, according to analysts, let's see what some of these hempsational products are.

FXCBD offers CBD e-liquid that vary in different strengths. They have a variety of flavors. They also provide products like CBD full-spectrum turmeric gummy bears, CBD full spectrum capsules, and CBD chill shot. This company also offers a line of pet products as well as bombs, creams, and even a CBD face masks containing 20 mg of CBD. All of the CBD used in products is sourced from organic hemp plants.

Aztec CBD products are produced from 100% organic hemp. This company has helped bring traditional hemp farms across Europe back to life using certified seeds and only organic chemical-free practices. Aztec CBD offers full spectrum e-liquid ranging from 100 mg to 1000 mg of CBD per bottle. They also provide consumers with a sweet tooth Aztec full-spectrum hard candy with six hard candies containing 5 mg of full-spectrum CBD. Aztec CBD also offers a CBD oral oil in strengths from 300 to 1000 mg.

Harmony, Kanavape, ECS, Pure Spectrum, CBD Froot Burst, Satijah, CBD Dinner Lady, ReLeaf, CBD Hit, CBDeaze, and Koi are all just a small handful of major established CBD brands making their mark on the European CBD market.

Beyond Great Brands What Drives the European CBD Market?

A health-conscious choice is becoming one more people are factoring in in their daily lives. For those looking to quit smoking cigarettes vaping CBD is proving to be giving consumers that extra helping hand they need to kick the habit. CBD also potentially holds an impressive array of health benefits.

Professional athletes, entertainers, and other celebrities are getting into the CBD business. The pioneers in this industry are paid in a green path for the future of tomorrow. Research published on the NCBI website suggests that CBD may be the key to unlocking a world of different benefits for humanity.

The drive to better one's self and the world around us is becoming one shared by more people every day. People are ditching smelly cancer sticks for fragrant CBD filled vape pens. They are looking to eat foods that may improve their health instead of destroying it. Increased access to CBD products is helping to increase public awareness about CBD.

Vaping CBD Could Be Just What You Need

Vaping CBD might be just what the doctor didn't order. Consumers are finding that vaping CBD works for them, and it seems to be working for all kinds of things. It is estimated that around 284 million people globally suffer from anxiety.

Chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, and eating disorders are all other areas that are having pivotal effects on society. These are all areas that consumer reports suggest can be helped by using CBD infused products. Times are changing, and the numbers show that CBD is on the rise.

If you are ready to give CBD a try be sure to do your homework. Research the brand you’re considering using. See what others are saying about them. Check their website for consistency and professionalism. After you have gathered the facts, all that’s left to do is see if CBD is for you.