By now, you are most likely familiar with the term CBD. If you’re not, here’s a quick rundown on CBD. CBD is a phytocannabinoid extracted from cannabis. The CBD that you hear about that is legal most everywhere to purchase comes from hemp. Hemp is a type of cannabis that contains virtually no THC. This means that there is no buzz or intoxicating effects from CBD.

CBD is available in isolate where a consumer gets only CBD. It is also available in full-spectrum where the consumer receives CBD along with other cannabinoids, vitamins, and minerals. Some consumers prefer only CBD, whereas others go after the full-spectrum CBD. Those who opt for the full spectrum do so because they find better results from the entourage effect. This is where cannabinoids work better together rather than isolated.

With that in mind, there are loads of potential benefits reported by consumers. They report help with controlling stress, sleep, addiction, inflammation, appetite, anxiety, and more. There is also a myriad of studies suggesting that CBD may have all kinds of medicinal properties.

“Potential Clinical Benefits of CBD-Rich Cannabis”-NCBI

This article looks into the effectiveness of CBD on individuals with treatment-resistant epilepsy. The study is rather extensive and ends with an excellent finish for CBD. “In conclusion, this meta-analysis suggests that treatments using CBD are effective and safe, at least in the population of patients with treatment-resistant epilepsy, considering risks, and benefits inherent to the treatment of this severe neurological condition.” This conclusion also notes that furthered controlled testing is needed to confirm the consistency of these results.

News like the above travels fast. This news has made its way around the globe sparking the birth of a multi-billion-dollar industry. You will see different numbers covering the CBD market. These numbers mostly differ because of what they represent. Some reports cover total sales while others on cover tax collected. No matter how you look at it, there is no denying that the market for CBD is growing like a weed.

  • “Europe's $318 Billion CBD Market Poised for 400% Boom Through 2023”-International CBC
  • “The European CBD market, which is expected to be worth $416 million by the end of 2019, is projected to be worth $1.7 billion by 2023.”-Rolling Stone
  • “CBD products are part of what is estimated to be a roughly one-billion-dollar industry in the United States. And it's perfectly legal.”-Business Insider
  • “CBD Market Could Reach $20 Billion By 2024,”-Forbes

The Hot Ticket in the CBD Market

The CBD market has loads of options. Consumers can find all types of CBD infused products. Foods, beverages, capsules, tinctures, CBD flower, CBD oil, CBD vape oil, along with CBD infused health, and beauty supplies are among the most popular products these days. Out of these products, one of, if not the most popular, is CBD vape oil. Vaping is an extremely popular trend across Europe. Many of the consumers who vape were using nicotine vape oils until the boom of CBD. The popularity of CBD vape oil took off. It became the in-demand product for those who vape and has continued to be. This trend has no signs of slowing down.

The market for CBD vape oil and other CBD products is driving big numbers around the globe. As the market becomes more regulated and laws change, allowing for the global trade of hemp to open up, this industry will increase in value. Currently, the CBD market is seeing great growth. Those who chose to invest in this lucrative market are seeing solid returns on their investments.

The reason for these solid returns comes from one thing, success. Consumers continue to purchase CBD products because they work. These purchases are not just a one-time purchase. Most of them are repeat purchases, and the amount of people making these purchases is steadily increasing.

Many of us have problems and conditions that are very much alike. Anxiety, for example, affects children, men, women, and seniors alike. Millions of people suffer from anxiety globally, and potentially millions more suffer from anxiety without knowing or doing anything about it. "Globally, an estimated 284 million people experienced an anxiety disorder in 2017, making it the most prevalent mental health or neurodevelopmental disorder. Around 63 percent (179 million) were female, relative to 105 million males."-Our World In Data

Chronic pain and inflammation are another commonly shared condition in this world. When it comes to these conditions, anecdotal consumer reports are showing that CBD has great success. CBD is showing success in helping to manage and control the crippling symptoms and effects brought on by these conditions. With so many people seeing such great results, it’s easy to see why CBD is in such high demand. If you haven’t tried CBD yet, but have been interested in doing so, now is the time to give it a try for yourself. There are loads of strong evidence supporting CBD and all of its potentially healing properties.