Smoking can be laid back and social and perhaps even a bit of a hobby if you have the right accessories. You can find a huge range of essential rolling papers and lighters at Coffeesh0p, as well as novelty collectibles and fun stash stuff. What more could you want?

To make life easier, our smoking accessories are all premium quality so they’ll do you well whenever you need them. Not sure where to start but are ready to create an accessory set to make your mates jealous?

Here are the best smoking accessories to make life easier:

Spherical grinders

Spherical grinders are great to chuck in a bag or keep in your bedside cabinet. They’re portable and can be rolled, dropped and used to play catch if you fancy it without worrying they’ll break. They can also be pretty discreet if you live with non-smokers - check out this 8 ball grinder that’s easy to twist. This smiley grinder is also pretty fun and will surely make you smile as well!

Easy on the go or staying in, it’s a no brainer.

Electrical grinders

OK, we will move on from grinders but need to mention automated grinders that use the power of electricity to grind your herbs for you… the minimum effort involved. This electric herb grinder looks very cool and is comfortable to hold as it grinds away. You’re not lazy… you’re energy efficient!

Slick mats

The best type of slick mats to get are high food grade silicon designs that work for you to reduce stickiness and therefore waste. After a while, they come into their own and pay for themselves. Heat resistant to 500 degrees, you can be confident they’ll perform well and when not in use, they can be easily stored away.

Of course, you don’t want to use undedicated surfaces so a slick mat is an ideal solution. Wouldn’t this blue one here look great in your kitchen?

Lock bags

Too sensible? Well, it’s a good essential to bulk buy so you’re never caught short. Our great value zip bags keep the freshness in and are safe to carry around as the zip lock is secure and won’t unfasten on the go.

Makes it simpler to carry stash? Check. Gives you peace of mind? Check. Has a cool logo on the bag? Check! You can get these bags without a design on the front, but this happytime zip lock bag is our personal favourite.

Snuff kits

Why buy everything separately and not matching? Well, there’s no need to do this as complete snuff kits are available in set colours and designs to save you time. Having everything you need to get started, it’s a win for making life easier - a snuff kit comes with a mirror, spoon, toot lube, blade and bottle with built in spoon. See, everything you need altogether in just a couple of clicks.

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