Research pills in 2017 are a bit different to a couple of years ago and the same will be said of 2018 offerings. As a result of the psychoactive bill, they’re made differently and also packaged differently to comply to regulations.

The main benefit of this has been a brand new range on the market and a chance to innovate, which our team at Coffeesh0p have enjoyed developing. This has led to more choice combined with a clearer understanding of what you’re getting.

On our website, you’ll only find the best quality pills and we’ll update our stock when the right products come along that we want to share with you at affordable prices. If you’re new to all of this, here’s our research pills quality buyers guide, along with some recommendations so you can buy in confidence, or help out someone you know who has questions.

Buy from an established shop

Shops that are here to stay are a great starting point as you know they have the experience, skill, and customer service to help you. Coffeesh0p is proudly an established headshop and has been operating since 2006 - that’s over 11 years. Throughout this time we’ve always put you first in everything we do and only have plans to become bigger and better.

As we personally research of all our products, we have the answers to your questions and are enthusiastic about what we offer. At any time we may run special promotions to help you get the best at even cheaper prices, so always check back for price updates.

Check product information

It might not be the most exciting thing in the world but it’s really important to take a look at what these wonderful packets contain so you’re informed and able to not misuse any of the products. Each packet should feature a run down of ingredients and a warning if it’s for human consumption or not; imagine missing out that detail!

It only takes a couple of minutes and puts you in the know, so we’d always recommend it. Our range of ban exempt research pills are crafted with a high grade mix of herbal, natural and ban exempt substances, tested to deliver those microscopic moments. In comparison with the old legal highs, they won’t ruin your morning afters.

Read reviews

In this modern age it’s worthwhile making use of reviews on new items you haven’t tried to see what other people think. Whilst they’re not air-tight as people like different things, it just gives you more information to go on and could help if you’re undecided on a couple of research pills, or research chemicals. Not the be all and end all, but worth taking a look.


A lot of the time packaging isn’t going to be on your mind but it’s worth taking note that pills should be kept in heat sealed wraps, protecting them as they’re delivered, and ensuring delivery is discreet and secure.

Our favourites

In the last year we launched an exciting new range and these have proven really popular. We think they’re the best on the market since the ban and as we’ve said, they don’t leave you out of the running the morning after which we’re sure will be appreciated.

To just name a few, our Jester 2 Pill Pack is smooth, sociable and has an energetic Methylxanthine Caffeine base. They’ll activate the senses and deliver short bursts without any ill-effects. As they’re non-NPS, they’re 100% legal, as are all of the pills on Coffeesh0p.

Bosh 2 Pill Pack is another great choice as it’s made from high quality ingredients with some stunning effects including short and intense energy bursts. As with Jester, you’re not left in bed the next morning when you’ve got stuff to do. You may even prefer them to pills from years gone by for this very reason.

If you have any questions on any of our research pills or other products don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on or via our Facebook page. We’ll be happy to help!