When you go online to buy research chemicals you have to put yourself first and make sure you’re confident before you make a purchase. Your top priority should be quality and knowing exactly what you’re getting in the post.

Since the psychoactive bill, there’s been a new range to hit the market and it might have, at least for a while, felt unfamiliar again. Which chemical is the best or most effective? If you follow these tested rules below, you’ll be able to find yourself the best around and discover genuinely amazing products.

Personally, here at Coffeesh0p we’ve taken every care to ensure quality, quality, quality, and in a number of instances, have developed our own unique chemicals to sell directly to you… if you’re over 18 that is.

Browse our range here safe in the knowledge we’re 100% trusted, and check out our top tips below that may come in handy in the future, or to pass on to a mate.

Always buy from a trusted vendor

This might seem simple but sometimes it’s worth repeating. Only buy your research chemicals from a website that looks clean, educated through its content, has a clear purchase method and refund policy and most importantly, has a number of positive reviews.

We’ve been around for years now (11 years!) and love our repeat customers. We have some great reviews and we’re proud to have a score of 4.2 out of 5. By prominently displaying our feedback here, we’re being transparent and opening up the conversation. Be wary of any website without contact details, social media or any sort of interaction with customers.

Read the descriptions carefully

We all like to have fun with the names and design of chemicals, powders and pills and often the name will reflect the product, as with NRG. However, always go on to read the description so you’re informed before you buy. As you’ll see on our site, they’re not for human consumption.

Understand the psychoactive bill

This bill came into effect in 2016 and changed the ‘legal highs’ landscape. It’s best for you to be aware of what is legal and what isn’t as a lot changed. Our blog on post-ban alternatives is a good place to start and will lead you down the rabbit hole of internet research! Trusted sellers are also legal sellers, so don’t buy if you think anything is looking dodgy. Use your intuition for this one.

Recommended research chemicals

Honestly, anything on our site. We’ve put them there because they’re quality and we wouldn’t offer them to you otherwise. Unique blends of exempt chemicals can create a variety of pill and powders so there’s always something new to collect.

A couple to highlight would be Blow Out powder and Jester pills. Keep a look our for our special offers as at certain times you’ll be able to get these at half the price.

And, lastly but not least, if you’ve got a query, get in touch about what you’re buying for more information. You can reach us with an email to info@coffeesh0p.com.