After a little break, we came back with a bang late last year and since then have been proud to delve even deeper into quality post-ban products that satisfy.

This month, we’ve launched a brand new range of fantastic CBD herbs that come in a range of flavours in 1G and 3G packets. These have impressed us from the get go and we’d love to hear your reviews if you try them with us for the first time.

Post ban legal

Each new CBD herb is 100% legal as they’ve been developed with ban exempt ingredients and meet the new guidelines. For example, to make any medical claims about CBD products in the UK, a supplier must be granted a license by the MHRA. Coffeesh0p does not have such a license.

So, getting into the herbs themselves, we’ve got flavours from cherry to lemon and more earthy, deeper tastes. This is the main point for you to choose between them as they all have:

  • High levels of CBD
  • Extremely low levels of THC - below 1ppm
  • High quality hemp
  • Classed as non-NPS

Super tasty and chilled out, they’re ideal for staying in or going out and in our opinion, they are the best CBD food supplements in the UK.

Pick from Erbz L.A Cheese, Nectar, Vibe Orange Kick, Vibe Girl Scout Cookies, Eastern Whisper, Gravity and Quintessence to suit your tastes!

Expanding our CBD range

With the launch of these new, high CBD herbal incenses, we’re adding to a growing selection and even fancy ourselves expert!

If CBD is your thing, you should also check out our CBD oils developed from high quality, pure crystal CBD with guaranteed potency levels. Again, we’ve got multiple flavours and sizes of these liquids so you can relax out as you vape however it suits you.

As you know, we’ve always been about supplying leading products and our producers create these e-liquids for maximum effects, whilst we’re offering a free e-cigarette with your order. Win, win!

Quick CBD cheat sheet

Just to clear up a few things if you’re not sure what CBD is! It’s one of the active chemicals in cannabis and can be extracted to be used in herbal incenses and oils. Found in the resin glands, it’s reported to be non-NPS by the scientific community - the psychoactive chemical you probably know is THC, a different active agent from cannabis.

CBD’s full name is cannabidiol and won’t get you high. Instead, you get a nice relaxing hit from these packs without altering your state of mind.

Got a question on our new range? Reach us on

Our CBD is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease & should be used as part of a healthy & varied lifestyle.