Whether you have one much-loved bong that you can’t part with or a huge collection that only grows, you want to take care and clean your bongs properly. This keeps them looking and working to the best of their abilities and the payoff is worth the effort.

In fact, the main effort is putting in the time as cleaning bongs is actually quite easy and we’d recommend you put on a soundtrack of your favourite songs to chill out to as you get to work.

What’s involved in cleaning a bong?

It should really be thought of as a process of two parts. The first being maintenance and prevention, the second cleaning.

Maintenance and prevention


One of the main issues people find with bongs is that they can be a breeding ground for mould, which is stubborn to clean and best avoided altogether. You can prevent the buildup of tricky mould by always replacing the water and not leaving it to stagnate. This also stops you having to put the elbow grease in to get rid of the stains.

Scratches and breakage

Whether a glass or plastic bong, it’s liable to get the signs of wear and tear is it’s being used. Scratches are a common problem and can be upsetting if she’s your pride and joy! On top of that, it can actually lower the strength of the glass and cause it to break if the scratches are deep enough and there are enough of them.

So, don’t keep it on the edge of your table or mantlepiece, always use a bong bag and if travelling, carefully put it in a case so it doesn’t get damaged on the road.

Water damage

Probably the most likely issue with bongs are water stains where the chemicals and minerals in unfiltered water end up collecting on the inside of the bong, particularly on curves in the glass. It can end up being unsightly.

Simply ensure you use filtered water when you can; you can even use tap water but rinse out with filtered water. This is enough to remove the minerals.

Step by step cleaning guide

  • Once used, pour out the water from your bong and wash out with warm to hot filtered water.
  • Empty out all water and use a cleaning solution of alcohol and salt to clean the inside of the glass. Pre-mixed solutions are available.
  • Keep the solution in the bong to soak, covering all of the openings with tissue paper or durable paper towels.
  • Shake the bong well.
  • After a few minutes, use a brush to rub against stubborn stains if there are any. They can be loosened with a pipe brush.
  • Empty the solution and rinse with warm filtered water and leave to dry.
  • If it still shows signs of being unclean, flush out again with warm filtered water and leave to dry.

High quality bongs

All of these tips will help you get your money’s worth from your bongs and ensure they stay in good working order for a long time - bar any accidents.

Perhaps the best prevention method is buying a high quality bong in the first instance. This can be done by checking online reviews, choosing a trusted seller and thinking about brands you’ve enjoyed using in the past.

All of our bongs are leading examples of setting yourself up right for quality and fantastic results. We also like to offer some fun with our range of novelty bongs, which work just as well but have an added, unusual element usually! Take this Alien Head Bong for example. Freaky!

Got a question?

We’ve been in business over ten years now and know a thing or two about bongs. If you’ve got a question on any of this advice or want to add your own tips that others might find useful, leave a comment below or chat with us on Facebook.

We do not condone illegal use. Our bongs, grinders and other applicable products are for use with legal herbs only. Please check the law where you are and act responsibly.