There are many reasons to turn to vaping and e-liquids, especially compared to cigarettes and harmful tobacco mixtures that contain lots of chemicals. For one, you can try a huge range of incredible flavours and enjoy variety rather than the some old smoky tastes.

On top of this, there are a number of health benefits to vapourisers that we think it’s important you consider, or are just aware of if you vape. Perhaps you’ve seen some improvements in your breathing but weren’t sure how to attribute the change.

Here are a few of the benefits to health that are pretty well established and where possible, we’ll mention the studies that informed the conclusions:

No exposure to toxins

Smoke contains a great deal of toxins from the tobacco mixture (lots of chemical names that look like gibberish on the ingredients list essentially) and prolonged exposure can damage your throat and lungs. With vaping, you’re not directly opening up a channel for carbon monoxide (CO2) to enter your lungs, potentially damaging them and causing breathing issues. Overall, this can lead to better lung health making you fitter if you run or lead an active, sporty life.

No coughing or phlegm

In 2007 a study by Earleywine and Barnwell found that comparing smoking (in this instance cannabis) to vaping that “Regular users… might decrease respiratory symptoms by switching to a vapouriser”. One of the benefits they found was that smokers saw reduced lung symptoms that point to respiratory problems, such as coughing and phlegm. Having clear airways is something we can take for granted and if we can avoid it, we shouldn’t expose ourselves to products that cause them to flare up.

Better lung health

Looking at the above - less coughing, clearer airways, no toxins - and the end of the story is better lung health overall. This opens you up to trying more physical activities and leading a more active life. Indeed, lung issues can be quite debilitating so anything to relieve them is a great route to go down.

Relaxing pastime

One of the reasons people smoke, and then vape, is to keep their hands busy to have a reason to step out at social occasions. It helps people to relax and is a reliable motion that’s satisfying, without damaging your health. Couple this with smelling great and it being cost effective and you can see you’re onto a winner.

Medical use?

Tobacco is generally agreed to be bad for your health so you’re one up already by switching. You can also try CBD oils in your vapouriser to use as pain relief or to help you relax. These CBD oils are 100% legal in the UK and contain the active cannabinoil from crystals found in hemp. Non-psychoactive, they can help with headaches, back pain, nausea and insomnia; more studies need to look into this but it reportedly works for many individuals.

No exposure to additives

As we all know, to make cigarettes more appealing and business savvy, companies put additives into the mix to encourage your body to get hooked to the chemicals. The most widely known of these is nicotine and comes with unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. In e-liquids, there are no additives and nothing unsavoury when you look at the ingredient list. It a good escape if you can put up with the symptoms of leaving behind the harsh chemicals in cigarettes; e-liquids with small amounts of nicotine can help the process by weaning you off.

Less stress

Smoking can increase heart pressure and is linked to an increased chance of developing cancer, which is altogether a very stressful thing to have on your mind. Health is very important so when you start taking better care of yourself, it can easily be a weight off your shoulders, both mentally and physically.

No accidental burns

As nothing is actually burning out in the open like cigarettes and cigars, you won’t burn yourself or someone else accidentally, which is both painful and embarrassing to say the least. Also saves on the stress as well and obviously no burn marks or potential scars. You do need to be careful to maintain your e-cig however as they can overheat if left on in pockets, which can be dangerous, so always follow the safety guidelines of your particular model.

At the end of the day, vaping isn’t a saviour but it’s definitely an incredible option to have when so many pastimes that satisfy are so bad for us. It’s a good choice and one that can substitute cigarettes or even calorific desserts if you go for sweet, chocolate e-liquids.

Let us know your thoughts with a comment below. Have you recently switched to vaping? How are you finding it?

Our products are either Exempt from the psychoactive bill, or deemed non-psychoactive from the home office