Over the years you probably get used to grinders and forget how practical and essential they are to your herb collection. With so many grinders to pick from, you’ve got a great range of styles and materials to help you prepare herbs, whether you have a bong or vapouriser.

So, how can you choose the right grinder for you?

Benefits of grinders

First of all you need to know the benefits. Grinders:

  • Stop you getting sticky fingers
  • Produce fine grain for good airflow
  • Create a better smoking experience
  • Better release cannabinoids
  • Maintain the potency of your herbs

They work with an intuitive design where you place the herbs into the chamber, put on the lid and twist it in a circular motion, checking until you achieve that fine grain. That’s it!

Different types of grinders

You also need to know the different designs of grinders. Here’s a rundown of their key attributes to combine for your ultimate grinder selection:

2 piece grinder

Otherwise known as a chamber grinder it’s enough to turn dense herbs into grain and is an easy way to start grinding if you haven’t before. As it doesn’t have multiple chambers, it is the simplest to clean.

4 piece grinder

Also referred to as a 3 chamber grinder, herbs get ground up and sent into a central chamber with a fine screen that sifts the kief from the ground herbs. You’re left with a chamber of whole bud, chamber of ground bud and a chamber containing the extracted kief.

This is probably the most popular type of grinder; kief has up to 60% THC and can be sprinkled on top of the fine grounds, or discarded if your focus is CBD.

Metal, plastic or wooden?

Metal, whether titanium, aluminium or stainless steel, is generally the most hygienic option and typically feature the sharpest teeth that are difficult to dull with normal use. They’re also lightweight - especially the titanium models - and will likely cost the most out of metal, wooden and plastic options.

On the other hand, plastic grinders are incredibly affordable and are easy tools to learn with. The teeth aren’t as exact or durable as metal or wooden examples but do work well. The main benefit is that they can’t rust.

Finally, wooden grinders are very stylish and can be plain and rustic, or complete with highly-detailed, even personalised carvings. It’s the middle ground between metal and plastic and works with more precision than plastic - a compromise if you struggle to pick.

Big vs small

It’s essential to pick a grinder in a size that suits how you will be using it and the quantity of finely ground herbs you want to end up with. The bigger the grinder the more grounds you get and the more sociable it becomes. Bigger grinders can also be easier to twist and a benefit to arthritis sufferers.

Battery powered

Battery powered grinders take some of the work out of getting a fine powder and speeds up the process. Typically made from plastic with just one button to press to grind. Ideal if you just want to get on with it and make use of power to make your powder.


You can’t overlook the fact you need to like the look of your grinder as you’ll be using it a lot. You might want something bold and brash, or perhaps a more discreet design. Browse our collection and see what takes your eye. As grinders are affordable you don’t need to stick with your decision and can have different grinders for different situations.

Personally, we quite like the bright ones!

Easy to clean and maintain?

If you need a grinder but aren’t willing to spend too much time maintaining and cleaning it, then this may become a factor in choosing the right one for you. It’s definitely worth treating them well so they keep delivering the results and working just as efficiently.

  • Take apart the different sections
  • Wash out with warm water and an alcohol solution
  • Clean carefully with a paintbrush to dislodge residue

The key is to clean it just after you’ve used it and if it’s metal, to dry it straight away to avoid rust. If you want minimum maintenance, then it would be best to choose a plastic or wooden grinder.

You should also soak it if you start to notice resistance as you twist the lid as this may be the mechanism getting stuck with resin.

Hope we’ve helped you choose the grinder that’s right for you and your needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions on our stock.

We do not condone illegal use. Our bongs, grinders and other applicable products are for use with legal herbs only. Please check the law where you are and act responsibly.