Thanks to everyone who responded to our recent customer satisfaction survey. We were blown away by all the positive comments and collected lots of useful feedback about changes you'd like us to make. I got stuck in almost immediately, and have been working on those changes every day for the past couple of weeks. In no particular order, here's what I've done so far and what's still in the pipeline:

Free Delivery & Shipping to More Countries

We now offer totally free first class delivery to all of the UK and have reduced EU Airmail down to £2 for small orders and free for larger ones. Because we haven't increased our product prices at all, we've had to put a £5 minimum in place at the checkout, just to prevent people abusing the new policy and to make sure we cover the necessary transaction fees. But, this will only affect a fraction of a percent of our customers, as almost all orders are way above this limit anyway. For more details and other shipping-related FAQs, please see our new Delivery Info Page.

We're also now shipping stuff to loads more countries in the EU, the full list can be found at the link above. If you're in the EU and we previously didn't ship to your country, there's a good chance we now do.

More Stock

Everyone hates seeing their favourite product out of stock - me included. Buying more of everything sounds simple, but obviously costs a lot more so it's not something that can be done overnight. But as it happens, this is something we've been working towards for ages so we're now carrying much more stock of our popular products. I've also made some changes at our end to make ordering from suppliers and monitoring stock levels much easier. If something hasn't been in stock for ages, that's almost always a problem with our suppliers - in these cases, we're waiting on them to get more stock or actively looking for a new supplier.

New Products

As expected, we received loads of feedback about new products you wanted us to start selling. "More legal highs" was by far the most popular request, and in response, we've added plenty of new incenses recently and opened up the new Powder RCs category with products like Gogaine, Ching, MPA, etc. We will continue to add new products to these categories over the coming months and are currently considering a C LIQUID category as well as different classes of compounds entirely, including Etizolam and 1P-LSD. 

Two other big requests were hallucinogen-containing seeds which are now back in their own Seeds Subcategory under Entheogens (although we're still trying to find a new/reliable Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seed supplier, might be a while before they're back) and a larger selection of high quality pipes & bongs. We're working on the second one, but there's a lot of work involved so it might take a while to get any new stuff on the website. 

While not as popular as the above, a wider range of papers, cones, grinders, etc were requested a fair few times and is something I've already been working on behind the scenes. Eventually, we'd like to stock more brands, more options/sizes/flavours/colours and maybe even some Coffeesh0p brand papers.

We'll also look into every single one of the specific products mentioned (eg Red Eye Amazed pipes) and try and stock as many as possible.

Website Improvements


Design-wise, most of you were happy with the way things are, but there was also a strong feeling it could do with a bit more colour. I personally agree with both sentiments, so I'm working a more colourful evolution of the current design which looks a lot nicer without diverging too much from what we already have. It's nowhere near ready and might take a while to implement, but I'll likely post some rough drafts before long to see what you all reckon.

I've also tweaked a few minor things here 'n' there; the footer is way more colourful, the site appears much wider on HD screens, and a bunch of other stuff that you probably won't notice unless I specifically mention it.

We also had a few calls to improve the layout on mobile or other small screens. The current site is better on mobile than most of our competitors already, but I agree that it could use a decent amount of attention. In fact, we were already thinking about it before the survey went out, so expect some improvements before long!

Content & Functionality

We had a lot of weird and wonderful requests regarding the site content and general structure. Looking at the responses, I've identified a few common themes.

  1. Suggested Products - multiple requests to show additional products that other customers have bought alongside the products in your basket or the product you're looking at. This has been done, although the new suggestion blocks don't quite fit in with the rest of the site yet. It works though, and the suggestions are accurate. If you check any of  the boxes next to the suggested products on the product page, then click the usual "Add to basket" button, these will be added to your basket too. 
  2. Product Categorisation / Navigation - at worst, some people found it confusing; at best, we could tidy some categories up a bit. So far, I've reorganised the products in most of the categories so they're in some logical order and it's looking a lot better. But the biggest change can be seen in the legal highs category which now lets you filter by price, product weight, and research chemical content (see #4 below for more details). We will also be adding sections for new products, best sellers, special offers, etc - either for the entire site, or per-category.
  3. Search - Yeah, search sucked. I've been working on it quite a bit in order to return more relevant results for a lot of popular queries. It only searches products at the moment, so I've redirected searches for specific info (eg, "shipping") redirect to the pages containing that info. I've added synonyms for loads of typos/misspellings/variations so they return expected results and redirected some non-specific terms (eg "powder") straight to the appropriate category. Eventually, we'll look at completely re-doing search using Sphynx software.
  4. Product pages - So far, I've added weights and any listed RC ingredients for all incenses and powders to the bottom of the product pages, under the "Additional info" tab. This additional info is what we use to filter products at the category level. I've also tried my best to translate all of the cryptic chemical names printed on the back of packets into the names you may be familiar with. There may be mistakes, so please don't treat this filter as 100% accurate, and if you notice a mistake, please let us know. We also hope to add other attributes for different products in the future, such as colour, dimensions (length for papers, pipes, height for bongs, etc), material (eg glass, plastic, metal) and anything else we can think of. These will also be used to filter products at the category level where applicable, but the whole thing is a lot of work, so it won't be finished any time soon. We probably won't be adding much more for the descriptions of a lot of products due to legal constraints, but we'll be looking to improve where we can. A few of you also wanted an indication of when we'll have more stock for anything currently unavailable - hopefully this can be done soon. We also had a couple of requests for bulk deals and email notifications when products were back in stock - these are both already present on the product pages, so perhaps I'll need to make them more prominent.

I think that's covered everything major - lots of individual requests will also be - or have already been - implemented, and anything else huge will be mentioned in another blog post like this and/or newsletter email.

Thanks again for your feedback!