As a fantastic and healthier alternative to smoking tobacco, here’s some more facts and practical tips about vapourisers to keep you up to date.

What do you need?

You can buy a handy Halo Tank Kit that has everything you need to get started, just click here.

How do you vape?

Firstly, you need an e-cigarette, battery and charger. Once the e-cig has battery power you attach easy to connect e-liquids to vape. You simply turn the e-cig on and breathe in and out to vape, just as you would to smoke.

It has similar relaxing effects to smoking and the act of vaping is great to replace cigarettes; whilst you can buy oils with nicotine in them as you give up smoking, the vast majority of oils contain no additives.

Where can I vape in the UK?

The UK has really taken vaping to heart in it’s attempts to reduce the spread of lung disease and cancer as a result of smoking and passive smoking. As a result, you can vape indoors and out and in general, public spaces don’t have any restrictions in place.

The exceptions to this are places of work, public transport and sports stadiums. It’s up to employers if you can vape on their premises, just as you may have rules about bringing in smelly food, and normally big international companies have a no vape rule, such as Starbucks and Wetherspoons.

Generally, if you’re in a big, open space, it’s OK to vape. If you’re in an enclosed space, such as public transport, then it’s not. You can always check if you’re unsure as there’s no stigma to vaping as there is with smoking.

How much choice is there in flavour?

How long is a piece of string? If you can think of the flavour then it’s probably available for you to buy as a e-liquid which is brilliant as you can experiment and discover new favourites all the time. It also means you’ll never get bored and tempted to go back to smoking tobacco.

Some popular flavours are strawberry, mint, lemon, menthol, raspberry and vanilla. We actually even have a cherry bakewell e-liquid! Life doesn’t get much sweeter than that and how much better will they taste than bitter cigarettes?

Kit maintenance


It’s important to look after your e-cig correctly so that it efficiently heats up the e-liquid to turn it into those delicious clouds. Something called a coil inside the e-cig is responsible for atomising the e-liquid and you don’t want this to overheat.

As part of proper care and maintenance, replace it regularly and don’t let your coils get too hot in your pockets or be too tightly packed in bags where they can’t keep a stable temperature.


E-cig batteries are normally long lasting and have been well-tested for quality and efficiency before they get into your hands. As normal batteries, try to charge them before they completely power out to keep them long lasting.


Nothing can really go wrong with these if you keep the cap on securely and take care as you attach to your e-cig. Try not to get the liquid on your hands and store in a cool, dry place where they can’t fall, be stepped on or broken.

Essentially, it’s common sense all the way with vapourisers and as long as you’re sensible you can sit back and enjoy.

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