At Coffeesh0p we've recently launched a brand new range of CBD oils, perfect to vape in e-cigarettes. We've had a few questions about them so wanted to address these with a profile on CBD oils to help you know exactly what you're getting.

What is CBD Oil?

Firstly, it’s really important we point out that CBD oils are non-psychoactive, they’re not ‘cannabis oil’ and they are 100% legal. CBD oil is actually a dietary supplement and is safe to consume. It’s also non-addictive

CBD hemp oil is made, unsurprisingly, from hemp which is naturally high in CBD and we are careful to select only products with 0% THC, the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant. It’s simply a chemical in the plant that can be extracted and vaped in a variety of appealling flavours

Why vape it ?

Vaping is a relaxing, social tobacco alternative and gets the CBD quickly into your system. It also largely goes unnoticed, so as you enjoy a refreshing mint flavour from Kanavape (click here), you can just chilll out and go about your day. When you think back to the days of everyone smoking rather than vaping, it always felt a bit anti-social but this really is for everyone.

What are the benefits?

These range of vaping oils are super relaxing and you get a huge amount of choice when it comes to flavours. We stock a wide range to suit your tastes, including some unique and complex ones Harmony:

  • OG Kush - lavender quality
  • Mango Kush - fruity and sweet flavour
  • Super Lemon Haze - sharp and citrusy

Never again will you have to go out for a cigarette break and be self-conscious of smelling bad as you'll rejoin your group with a refreshing scent!

Another benefit is that ultimately, vaping these oils will save you money in the long run and you don't get the stress traditional cigarettes can cause as they're purely relaxing.

Pure crystal CBD oils

You shouldn’t accept less from CBD oils, so always purchase pure crystal CBD oils. They’re quality checked, contain 5% CBD and are all natural. They’re far superior to non-crystal versions, which are essentially watered down and less potent, made with cheap industrial hemp.

Get in touch

At the Coffeesh0p we’ll only ever sell pure crystal CBD oils. If you want to know more, comment with your question below and remember to stay connected with us on our Facebook page here.