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Welcome everyone! We’ve been a bit quiet since the ban but are coming back full steam with a brand new range of research chemicals, cannabinoids and much more in the pipeline!

Once the ban came into effect we had to go back to the drawing board in many respects and find ways to get you the same quality of products as the old legal highs, whilst respecting the new psychoactive ruling.

Now, after a few months away we’re pleased to say you’ll find lots of new products that carry that old buzz, if a little different, and maybe even have a few added benefits.

All the bongs, pipes, tobacco alternatives, poppers and accessories are still here - take a look at what’s new below:

pow powder

Research powders

We’ve got a growing selection of research powders with ban exempt bases and have tried and tested to see that they do have an impact. Also including blends of natural and ban exempt substances canapa and cola nut, along with a few more.

Among these, ‘POW’ is from the makers you’ll know from China White and Dust Till Dawn, so trust it’s a good ride.

They offer short to medium boosts and really activate the senses in an exciting, ‘has to be experienced’ way. The best bit is that most people don’t experience any hanging or drowsiness the next day, so it’s all the reward with no downside.

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jester pills

Research Pills

With similar blends to the research powders, our pill Bosh and Jester give bursts of feeling great and guarantee some chilled-out, time outs. Great for sociable moments or staying in, the bonus is once again that you’ll feel no ill-effects the morning after.

100% legal, they are every day pills so your recreational time is more flexible than with the old legal highs.

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cbd oils

CBD Oils

Each coming with a free e-cigarette when you order, we’ve got a range of delicious flavours of CBD Oils that are great for pain relief and are non-psychoactive. Take to relax, get rid of headaches and just for the great tastes.

Check out our sale prices running this November.

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That’s it! We’ll be back soon with more news and hope you feel pleased with the new products launched and enjoy trying them out as much as we did. After testing, we’re satisfied these are the best products on the market since the psychoactive ban.

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