The health benefits of vapourisers

19 Apr 2017 14:44:00

There are many reasons to turn to vaping and e-liquids, especially compared to cigarettes and harmful tobacco mixtures that contain lots of chemicals. For one, you can try a huge range of incredible flavours and enjoy variety rather than the some old smoky tastes.

On top of this, there are a number of health benefits to vapourisers that we think it’s important you consider or are just aware of if you vape. Perhaps you’ve seen some improvements in your breathing but weren’t sure how to attribute the change.

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When you go online to buy research chemicals you have to put yourself first and make sure you’re confident before you make a purchase. Your top priority should be quality and knowing exactly what you’re getting in the post. Since the psychoactive bill, there’s been a new range to hit the market and it might have, at least for a while, felt unfamiliar again. Which chemical is the best or most effective? If you follow these tested rules below, you’ll be able to find yourself the best around and discover genuinely amazing products.

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If you've been vaping for a while then you’ve probably experienced the terrible taste of a burnt coil in your e-cig - enough to make you try anything to prevent it happening again. Alternatively, if you haven’t burnt a coil to date, then you’re probably keen to avoid it ever happening. In that case, you need to know the best methods and tips to keep your coil from burning and this guide contains all you need. Whilst it can change from device to device, this is the best all round advice and can be used to generally improve the health of your vapourisers.

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Easy guide to vaping

12 Jan 2017 14:31:39


Hi all! If you’ve been busy on our site since our return last November, you may have seen the wide variety of e-cigarettes, vapourisers and e-liquids we offer. We even did a spotlight on the CBD oils that we know and love here. This month, we wanted to go into deeper detail on vaping as there’s still quite a lot of misinformation out there on the web and we want you to have the confidence to buy and use them with us.

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cbd oils harmony

cbd oils harmony

At Coffeesh0p we’ve recently launched a brand new range of CBD oils, perfect to vape in e-cigarettes. We’ve had a few questions about them so wanted to address these with a profile on CBD oils to help you know exactly what you’re getting.

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Coffesh0p are back in business! We're coming back in full swing with a brand new range of research powders and pills, all exempt from the psychoactive ban. Read on and find something new and fancy to enjoy!

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The Home Office responds to rumours of delays to the enforcement of the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016.

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Thanks to everyone who responded to our recent customer satisfaction survey. We were blown away by all the positive comments and collected lots of useful feedback about changes you'd like us to make. I got stuck in almost immediately, and have been working on those changes every day for the past couple of weeks.

 In no particular order, here's what I've done so far and what's still in the pipeline:

Free Delivery & Shipping to More Countries

Click the link below to read the rest!

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Oh wow, this is big news. So unexpected. You won't fucking believe what happened on Friday.Read More
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Updated Legal Highs Photo

17 Jan 2015 13:43:20

At some point in 2009, I decided we needed a photo of some legal highs to spruce up the website a bit, so I grabbed a pack of everything we stocked at the time and half-heartedly arranged them by hue, grabbed our 5 megapixel point-and-shoot camera (typical of the 00's - took about 6 rechargeable AA batteries, used some weird ancestor of an SD card, piss-poor image quality, grain-central) and grabbed a quick snap. That'll do, I must have thought.

Original "legal highs" photo from 2009

Original "legal highs" photo from 2009

And it DID do! Pretty good going actually. I wheel it out every time I've written some content about legal highs that needs an image, it's always been around the top spot when searching for pics of legal highs in google, countless people all over the world have stolen it (without any thought as to its copyright status) because it will clearly suffice for their projects too.

But it's 2015 now - about time for an update. In those six years, gradually every product in the original pic was banned, or otherwise ceased production, or simply fell out of favour and are now no longer relevant. Also, I've taken up photography as a serious hobby for the past few years and as I get better at it, I continue to notice new flaws in the original image - the shit lighting, the lack of sharpness, the clumsy postprocessing required to get it looking half-decent in the first place. So, the other day, I took a new one, featuring a good sample of the popular incense products we currently stock, and here it is:

Display of Legal Highs packets. The products shown are not restricted for sale in the UK (Jan 15th, 2015)

Image Name
Legal Highs, 2015
Image Description
A display of several popular legal high incense products/packaging, none of which are restricted under current UK legislation on date of publishing. Products pictured (left to right):
  • Annihilation Volume 2
  • Armageddon
  • Voodoo Gold
  • Clockwork Orange Reloaded
  • Black Mamba
  • Herbal Haze
  • Kronic
  • Blue Cheese
  • Pandora's Box
  • Voodoo
Date Created
Jan 15th, 2015
Date Published
Jan 17th, 2015
Copyright © John Clarke 2015 - All rights reserved
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